About me

My love of design led me to study interior design and fulfil my dream of making a living doing work that is my hobby, and which I will always do with love and passion.

Designing is not only an enjoyable creative activity, but also a great responsibility to all involved. I spend a lot of time understanding your lifestyle, and ensuring that everything is adapted to your needs and requirements.

I continuously follow new trends, finding inspiration from the world's best designers, at festivals and exhibitions. I love art, dance, music and good food. I draw peace and energy from nature.

Motto: "Quality means doing it right, even if nobody's looking"

My philosophy

I place great emphasis on layout, zones, and spatial continuity; to ensure that the interior design suits all members of the household, to satisfy their needs and lifestyle.
Functionality and practicality is of top priority. 

As a design basis I chose neutral colours which are a tranquil and harmonic element of the interior. 

They are universal, timeless and their mood can always be changed using colour accents. One expressive colour, with a stronger impact than three diverse colours, is enough to revive them.

Lighting design is an important aspect. Even a perfect interior can seem dull without appropriate lighting. On the other hand, simple furniture and decorations can look fantastic when lit correctly. Suitable lighting can highlight a beautiful detail, or hide imperfections. Therefore, it is appropriate to consult about lighting design in the initial project stages.

Decorations play a key role in the final impressions a room makes. They are the jewellery decorating the space. Metallic elements, be it silver furniture feet, bronze lamps or glossy textiles, provide an interior with a breath of luxury. 


                            Ivana Geroltová
         interior designer